Whiskey Point

An investigation into the murder of a childhood friend turns up a whole lot more.

Of all his regrets in life, Jody Brae wished he hadn’t lost touch with his best friend Al Russo. They grew up in the slums of Boston during the Depression—enlisted in the Marines and fought together in the Korean War. As boys they were like brothers, but the horrors of combat changed them both forever and they drifted apart.

Now a detective with the Boston Police, Brae has put those tough years behind him, until he learns that Al Russo has been murdered. He has no time to grieve, however, because days later a body is found under a train bridge, then another in an alleyway. What is more shocking is that the victims are all men from his old platoon who were in town for a reunion.

As more veterans are found dead, Brae discovers a dark secret from the War which might explain why. But throughout the investigation one question haunts him: did he really not know or did he choose to forget?

Set in the gritty world of 1960’s Boston, Whiskey Point is a story about friendship, loyalty and the people and places we leave behind. We can all move on from the past, but we can’t pretend it didn’t happen.